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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

COVID-19 pandemic has created a massive surge in demand for other online groceries Singapore to be delivered from store to door which; by itself, has created a whole new sector of its own. SG Delivery Online came into the picture where the flexibility of choosing dishes from various cuisines from our concept restaurants along with restaurant-quality fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, the home grocery delivery sector has taken off and since the circuit breakers were in place, and people have started to adapt to the trend of food online shopping. To fulfil the expectations of our customers, we are continuously adding newer items in our catalogue and trying to get your inputs to make our services reach you effortlessly.

While we have tried everything from our end to make grocery shopping online a straightforward process, it's now your time to Just open your laptop, go to our website and shine and help us out in a similar fashion. We have generated an online survey

to help us understand your needs and services better. The online survey gives us a broader spectrum to analyze our services and catalogue and fine-tune them to your comfort for a better shopping experience. While we are keeping up with our high level of standards in offering restaurant-grade fruits and vegetables, speciality cooking needs for Indian kitchen and expanding to other gastronomies such as Mediterranean, Latin and Persian cuisines in the coming future. So do take the survey and give us your valuable feedback which can help us in improving our services.

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